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Meeting with Eric ADAMS - Mayor of New York City

On May 24, I had the privilege to meet with the Honorable Mayor of New York, Mr Eric Adams, during the Argentine and American Flag Raising Ceremony on the 200th Anniversary of Argentina - United States Relationship.

He shown great interest in my career, and affirmed that New York “needs artists from Latin America”.

I was invited to attend this event as an argentinian artist by the Consul General of Argentina in New York, the Ambassador Santiago Villalba.

I salute the remarkable work and dedication of Argentinian diplomats in here in New York, represented by Mr Jorge Argüello, Ambassador of Argentina to the United States, Mr Santiago Villalba, Consul General of Argentina in New York, Mrs Noelia Dutrey, Cultural Attachée to the Consulate and Mrs Ambassador Maria del Carmen Squeff, Permanent representative of Argentina to the United Nations (UN).

I would like to express my gratitude to the City of New York and to the Consulate General of Argentina in New York, for their unconditional support.

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