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Ana's Diary


One approaches Ana Perez Grassano’s visual grammar as per a private diary. What can be seen is the cover, what can be read is only fully so if handed out the keys by the artist.

Ana’s paintings meld together layers of rendered emotion assertively expressing womanhood. 

At the core of the artist’s process is a visceral investigation into self-expression and artist-affirmation. 

There is a strong autobiographical component in all her paintings, most often hidden or hinted. Rebellion and pain are never far away. No image is trivial, always containing a depth that demands time and intimacy with each work beyond the superficial or abstract appeal of some. No image is the same, each of them the witness of the artist’s emotional journey as much as a restorative process to overcome darkness and conjure love.
Ana Pérez Grassano was born in Rosario, Argentina and lives and works in Paris, France since 2002. She gained her French citizenship in 2016.

An architect and urban planner by training, she founded APG Architecture in 2012. From that moment, she gave an increasing importance to painting and furniture design.

Ana’s works are exhibited all over the world, from Paris, Buenos Aires, Venice, Istanbul, London to New York. 

Her paintings are part of prestigious private and corporate art collections such as those of Mr. Laurent Dassault, Mr. and Mrs. Weill, Mr. and Mrs. Schmoll, Mrs. Karine Ohana and Bouygues.

In 2021, she was received at the Élysée Palace by the First Lady Brigitte Macron, coinciding with the accession of her painting Noches Tangueras entering into the collection of the Presidency of the French Republic. 

In 2020, the artist was first selected for auction at Drouot Paris. 
She is regularly invited to artistic residencies: to name a few, Four Seasons in the Maldives, Sofitel Palace in Buenos Aires and the Dragon Building in Songjiang in China with the sculptor Chen Dapeng. 

She has established ongoing collaborations with public institutions such as the Embassy of the Argentinian Republic in France and the 6th Paris district’s Town Hall (artists biennale). 

She collaborates with renowned galleries like Jean-Marc Lelouch gallery in Paris, Ekavart at the Ritz hotel in Istanbul, and is featured at international fairs, for instance, the Olympia Exhibition Center, London.

Last July, she presented her exhibition La Joie en Moi · The Joy in Me  at the Orangery of the French Senate in the Luxembourg garden of Paris, supported by Artcurial. 

Ana Pérez Grassano’s studio is preparing exhibitions at the Petit Palais in Paris (private event), the Pera Museum in Istanbul, the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires (MACBA).

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